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About Us

Welcome to SimplexCode, an educational-technology platform that gives people in the early stages of their career the tools to navigate the tech industry with confidence. We provide beginner-friendly tech-related resources, facilitate workshops and take part in panel discussions.

We are open to providing services to schools, universities, private businesses and more. If you would like to book one of our services, get in touch!


Careers - Coding - Tech and more!

Here you'll find informational resources and other helpful material to build your understanding of technical concepts.

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Support Us

We're trying to provide tech resources, workshops and coding classes for underrepresented people in tech who are trying to break into the industry or further develop their skills. SimplexCode consists of a team of enthusiastic volunteers who enable everything to run smoothly.

With your donations, we'll be able to provide resources for those who need it and ensure information surrounding the tech industry is accessible.