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Technical Roles in the Tech Industry (that aren't software engineering)

There are several different sectors within tech. If you’re interested in technical roles it can seem like software engineering is the only thing out there but there are other technical roles that exists such as DevOps Engineers, Cyber Security Engineers, Game Developers and much more!

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Non Technical Roles in the Tech Industry 

The tech industry is currently one of the most sought-out sectors to work in due to new and exciting emerging technology, good salaries and increasing job opportunities


There are a lot more roles in tech that aren't engineering, data science or developer roles 


Tech companies hire non technical people too!

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In Demand Tech Skills 2021

The tech industry is fast paced and is constantly evolving, which means that theres a constant demand for new IT skills and jobs!

It’s important to know what employers are looking for so you can gain those skills and stand out from other candidates.

Check out some of the most in demand IT and tech skills for 2021!

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Highest Paying Jobs in Tech 2021

Some of the highest paying tech roles in 2021 based on AVERAGE salaries in the U.K.

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Gender Pay Gap in Tech

"Women in technology in the UK are offered 4% less salary on average than men. This is a slight improvement from 2017 when the wage gap was 5% and is much better than the UK median pay gap which is 11.9% across all industries and roles. But, the UK is still lagging behind the US wage gap in tech, which is now 3%.“ the report says.


Find a Mentor in Tech

When you are new to an industry, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Having a mentor can help provide you with the support you need and steer your career the right direction.