5 Things to Know Before Learning to Code

Here are 5 things you should know before learning to code. These points will give you an understanding of what to expect before diving into learning to code.


Learn Coding Concepts Using These Techniques!

When you learn a new concept, it can sometimes to be tricky to get your head around it

But as long as you stay consistent and follow these steps, you’ll learn that new concept in no time

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Apps to Learn to Code for FREE

No laptop? No problem!

There’s no reason why not having a laptop should prevent you from learning to code.

Being able to learn to code should be accessible to everyone, so here are some apps you can use if you’re learning to code.


Websites to Learn to Code for FREE

These are some free websites you can use if you want to learn to code but don’t want to spend a penny!


HTML vs CSS vs JavaScript

HTML vs CSS vs JavaScript - what’s the difference?


If you’re designing or developing a website, there are three different languages you should learn: HTML, CSS and JavaScript


CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and its used to style webpages.

Here are some basic CSS declarations to become familiar with when you’re first starting out!


JavaScript Cheat Sheet

JavaScript is a programming language often used for frontend (client-side) scripts on webpages, but it can be used on the backend (server-side) using a runtime environment such as Node.js.

There are lots of components to JavaScript so hopefully this cheat sheet will help you!